‘Go Girl’

The first blog I am sharing with you – is really personal.  In fact all my blog’s will be much the same because authenticity and being real are so close to my heart.

This video is of me on the final day of my Transformational Life Coaching course.  What a build-up to this point!  When I stated I didn’t imagine myself being able to break a solid wooden board in half – but I did!  These two wooden halves are a physical reminder that nothing is impossible.  On them I wrote:

‘I allow myself to fly to any height and be amazing’

GO is my word for 2019!  No more talking, no more planning just jump – my website is live.  Dress rehearsal – what?  So I’m encouraging you to make 2019 your GO year too, go all in, find yourself, your passion, whatever sets your heart on fire  - ‘my darling, what if you fly!’